Why we started....

June 29, 2020 4 min read

Addiction is devastating. It can ruin a family in so many ways, physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially. Denial, embarrassment, shame and the cost of getting treatment often keeps addicts and their families from seeking the help that they need. Recovery costs can vary between a few thousand dollars and tens of thousands of dollar. I know. My family has been there. This is my story and my offer of help.

Hi, my name is Joani DiCampli and I am the Creator and founder of Boobalicious Breast Deodorant. My story starts out simple: I was laid off my job in 2010 and was working in retail to financially support my family.

One hot summer day in July 2012 I was assisting a customer at a boutique and I had that awful boob sweat not to mention an odor, which never happened before, I was mortified in that moment and said to one of my co-workers that there should be a boob deodorant and I am going to make one call it Boobalicious!

Fast forward, I first asked my customers (of course females), if they would wear an all-natural breast deodorant for their boob sweat and to my surprise a better part said yes. After a couple of months of questioning this and constantly talking about it, my husband literally said stop talking about it and just do it. After that comment I went up to my office and started the process on how to make natural deodorant.

By trial and error I came up with natural ingredients that I would want to put on my body and read about everyone to make sure I would want that on my sensitive skin area. I first gave out to my friends to try and then I went on etsy to sell. To my surprise I started selling right away.

Boobalicious was a way to help pay bills until I could find a full-time job, as most of us live pay check to pay check. This is truly what I thought was the purpose of Boobalicious. Little did I know that a couple years later, that Boobalicous would have a bigger purpose?

We all have stories in our life that we don’t talk about it as it can be trying at times. By this time I have a full time job, being a mom to three children, (and 2 dogs and 2 cats), and working on growing Boobalicious. My plan was to really grow my business but sometimes it doesn’t work out that way. I put a stop on saving all my investments that I was making and devoted my business to my young adult children. My daughter who at the time was 24 (was diagnose with Bi-Polar at the age of 13), also had an addiction. She was suffering with mental illness and addiction which is called a dual diagnosis. As some of us know this affects the whole family. My daughter came to me and said she was tired of being tired. I instantly told her do the right thing for one year and suck it up no matter how hard it is and I promise you will love being you as I love you for who are today and who will be tomorrow.

I immediately went upstairs while she was in the moment and looked up Miracles Do Happen in Delray, FL as I heard of the woman who own it and also ran it. Her name is Millie and she truly was my gift from God. My daughter was on her way to Miracles Do Happen within that week. The moment she went away I devoted my business to her to pay for flight, board and other expenses that came with getting her in the right direction.

Now it is a year or so later and my son who was 24 needed me as he was battling an alcoholic addiction and of course I devoted my business to him as well. It did not dawn on me as I was writing this story until last night, as not being a writer my mind is racing on what to put down because there is so much I want to tell but need to keep a limit to this. Anyway, my son came to visit me last night 8/25/2017, he was surprising me as he lives 2 hours away. He took the bus in the morning to see me his mom xo. I came home walked in the door and there was my son yeah. I have never seen my son as in this moment how amazing he looks. Not only did he struggle with his addiction he struggled with his weight. He was once considered obese and the determination he has had in his weight loss and addiction is freaking awesome!! I want to keep my children's privacy but if he lets me would love to show you the transformation of him. You are amazing my son xo.

It is now three years since my daughter went away and I am happy to say she will be celebrating three years sobriety on September 16, 2017 and my son will be celebrating one year sobriety on the same day September 16.

So you see how blessed I am to have both my adult children here with me today to celebrate moments like this. I applaud them for their strength and courage and thank them for inspiring me to be strong and how to be a better parent in every way.

This is where Boobalicous was created for a purpose! 



Joani DiCampli