About Us


Welcome to Boobalicious, your online store and hub where you will find all natural skin care products for your boobs and more! We all have experienced that really unpleasant boob sweat in summer joined by the unpleasant odor, so that gave me the idea of Boobalicious! It just came to me on one of these summer days!

I am so happy and grateful for all the loving people in my life that helped me make this idea come true. Before I knew it, Boobalicious was being recognized by Allure Beauty, CosomoPH, Refinery 29, Blogs, UK Daily News and now we have customers from all over the world! Thank YOU!
You are amazing!

We have a great range of scented organic deodorants that come in amazing scents from Crazy Coconut to Lickable Lemons, bringing a long lasting freshness and an incredibly soft skin.

We are excited to announce that we are launching now the brand new Boob-A-Ful babies which is a breast and nipple balm 2 in 1 that comes in an eco friendly container, especially designed and handmade for the new moms. Breastfeeding might be a challenge, but this balm will heal your nipples and make your skin so soft that you will love using it and enjoy the time with your new baby!

We love making the world a better place and helping people! I want to change lives, one breast at a time! That is why a percentage from all our sales go to the ‘Miracles Do Happen’ charity for those who are struggling with addictions and mental illness! We are here for all of you and we want you to help you start sooner the healing process! Boobalicious has a greater purpose! It is a platform for empowering women to feel amazing again and to help people recover!

Thank you so much for visiting! Feel free to get in touch if you wish to learn more about our products, our cause or if you have any special requests!



Joani DiCampli